Benassi Family Dentistry is a CEREC practice!

Benassi Family Dentistry in Rockford, IL proudly brings you CEREC – or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic. Simply put, CEREC is a quick and easy way to restore damaged teeth. Patients who have tried CEREC find it very impressive, because the procedure takes no more than one appointment to complete.

Gone are the days of repeat visits in order to have crowns and veneers prepared, attached, re-milled, and re-attached. With CEREC technology, you no longer need to wait because our Rockford, IL and Winnebago, IL dentist, Dr. Anthony Benassi, can make these things in a short time in his office with the CEREC system! We at Benassi Family Dentistry want to bring convenience and state of the art technology to our past, present and future patients in both Rockford, IL and Winnebago, Illinois.

CEREC Simplified

The CEREC system has totally revolutionized restorative procedures in Rockford and Winnebago, IL because it makes use of digital technology.

After a thorough examination, a special camera is used to take a 3D image of the tooth that needs repair. CAD or computer-aided design software is then used to determine how ceramic material will be shaped to restore damaged teeth. Milling of the ceramic material is digitally controlled in order to ensure precision. Because the whole process is digital, errors are minimized even from the start! Restorations are specially made to suit the shape, color and size of a person’s tooth.

Need a crown repair or replacement? Come to our offices in Rockford, IL and Winnebago, IL and let Dr. Benassi evaluate your condition. Call our Rockford, IL Office (815) 397-2752 or Winnebago, IL Office (815) 335-3070 to schedule an appointment and have the best dental experience with our revolutionary CEREC system. Benassi Family Dentistry is looking forward to seeing you!