Dental practice is a wide field encompassing different procedures and specializations. While most dentists offer general and cosmetic procedures, only few have the qualifications needed to conduct proper oral surgery. Dr. Anthony Benassi is a qualified practitioner with the skills and expertise to carry out different procedures relevant to the practice.

Oral surgery is a recognized area in dentistry and involves diagnosis and surgical treatment of various injuries, defects, and diseases. It is concerned with fixing and correcting the natural functionality of oral structures. It is a specialized area of practice because many dental conditions may require this procedure to some extent, such as:

Third Molars

Many people refer to these as wisdom teeth, as they are the last set of teeth to fully develop. Despite its name, these structures are often the most problematic and may cause a significant amount of pain. This happens because in most cases, the teeth fail to emerge properly through the gum line or in proper alignment. Impacted wisdom teeth often result in pain and swelling, and calls for oral surgery.

Tooth Loss

Dental implants are a solution for tooth loss requiring minimal treatment for placement. Implants are tooth root substitutes surgically anchored in place and attached directly to the jawbone. These appliances function as stabilizers for artificial teeth attached after the incision heals and settles.

Uneven Jaw Growth and TMJ

Other conditions that may call for oral surgery include jaw-related problems, including uneven jaw growth and temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ). Failing to address jaw dysfunctions can lead to further complications, and it is best to set up a consultation to see if it is necessary to solve the problem. Dr. Benassi and his staff at Benassi Family Dentistry will do a thorough evaluation of your condition, educate you about your options for treatment, and will work on a treatment plan with you.

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