First visits to a dental practice are always crucial for kids of all ages. Their experiences during this event shape how they see the dentist and their views about dental care as they grow older. It is important that their first encounter sets a good tone to encourage the habit. Led by Dr. Anthony Benassi, our practice is committed to providing your child a pleasant and encouraging experience to establish a positive idea about its importance. Our major pediatric dentistry goals for our young patients revolve around providing a calming, happy place to get their preventive care education and treatments. We want to get them all started with the right hygiene habits from the very beginning.

Dr. Benassi is a pediatric dentistry expert in Rockford, IL who understands the unique dental needs of all children. Under his guidance, we take the steps necessary to ensure our practice has the tools, techniques, and equipment to provide the highest level of care for children. Care begins the moment you walk into our office and extends all the way through your entire visit. We will do our best to put your kids at ease, and keep them calm as they undergo a routine check-up or delicate procedure.

We believe that education is a major part of setting a good tone about dental care for your child. We do our best to explain every procedure and teach them about the value of maintaining good oral health. Moreover, our practice also uses equipment sized specially for kids. We are committed to your child’s oral health and their overall well-being.

Our practice is dedicated to establishing a foundation of trust to ensure your child realizes how important it is to maintain good oral health. We value the importance of communication in helping us realize the dental objectives of every child under our care.

Call us today to schedule your child’s first or next dental appointment. We look forward to becoming your partner in ensuring your child’s oral health is in check. We look forward to seeing you in our office soon!

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