When it comes to cosmetically improving your smile, dental veneers are one of the staples which majority of dentists will recommend to their patients. Veneers are thin shells which are attached to the front surfaces of your teeth in order to hide any dental flaws from intrinsic stains to chips and fractures. There are three types of dental veneers that you can opt for when your dentist suggests that you get the dental restoration. Because each type has its own strengths and weaknesses, you need to pick out the suitable one according to your condition’s special nuances:

Direct Veneers

What are they? Direct veneers are made with composite resin material which are placed on the surface of your teeth and then molded into place in order to conceal any dental flaw from chips, discolorations to fractions.

What are they ideal for? Direct veneers are perfect for you require expediency on top of everything else. Unlike porcelain veneers, direct veneers do not require prior fabrication hence you do not have to wait for a very long time between the first and second visits to have the entire treatment completed. At the same time, if your budget does not allow you to go for porcelain veneers and other more expensive alternatives, direct veneers will give you the smile you always wanted without having you break the bank.

Porcelain Veneers

What are they? Porcelain veneers are also classified as indirect veneers because they need to be fabricated or manufactured beforehand prior to the restorations being bonded to the teeth that require treatment.

What are they ideal for? Of the three different types of dental veneers, it’s the porcelain type which is the most durable and natural-looking of the above. While porcelain is rather brittle on its own, porcelain veneers actually gain increased strength and durability once they have been bonded to teeth. At the same time, porcelain has the same translucency as the natural dental enamel, hence teeth which are treated with porcelain veneers are actually resemble natural teeth more compared to teeth treated with composite resin material.

CERECĀ® Veneers

What are they? CERECĀ® veneers in Winnebago IL are made using a special technology that allows the design and milling of the restoration to be done in your dentist’s clinic in just a matter of minutes.

What are they ideal for? Because these indirect veneers are done in your dentist’s clinic and in short period of time, these veneers are ideal for those who need to have a beautiful smile but cannot afford to make two visits to the dentist.

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