Crowns and veneers have become staples when it comes to cosmetic dental procedures. However, cosmetic dental technologies are only evolving and improving. If you’ve been thinking about giving your teeth a much needed makeover, below are some of the things that you need to take into consideration:

It takes time for cosmetic treatments involving crowns and veneers to be completed.

You will have to allocate two visits before crowns and veneers can be bonded into place. This is because the first visit will be for making the dental impressions which will serve as guide for the fabrication of the restorations. After which, you’ll need to wait for a couple of weeks before you can have the finished dental works bonded to your teeth.

If you’re really pressed for time and want to have your smile fixed in under one day, then you might be interested in CEREC® technology in Winnebago IL. CEREC® dentistry makes use of digital imaging which allows your dentist to create models of your restorations through a computer, blueprints of which are directly sent to an attached milling device.

Porcelain dental works are more natural looking than treatments which require the use of composite resin.

Sure, they resemble the color of teeth but composite resin material are also made with a dense material which block light out. This is completely opposite to the natural dental enamel which is rather translucent. This translucency allows for the entrance of light into the tooth which is then bounced off the dentin layer. This gives off that brightness when you smile. Porcelain, on the other hand, is naturally translucent which makes it a wonderful substitute for dental enamel. Ceramic is a good alternative to porcelain.

Your teeth will go through some form of damage before the restorations can be bonded.

So that the crowns and veneers can fit over and on your teeth without sticking out, your teeth must be shaved off. Minute amounts of the dental enamel layer would have to be shaved off. This leads to some form of damage. However, this kind of damage won’t be sustained for long since the crown or veneer would serve as the new dental enamel of the tooth. The problem though is when you break or chip a restoration. In this even, you would have to replace the crown or veneer right away in order to prevent your teeth from becoming vulnerable to infections and sensitivity.