While it’s still rather superficial to think of beauty as only skin-deep, the fact still remains that individuals who are secure with their physical appearance tend to be more confident, and since happier individuals tend to accomplish more, they are also more productive compared to their not-so-confident counterparts. This assumption has been proven by the fact that during the onset of the recession, dentists saw an increase in their patients who opted for cosmetic dental procedures. But how do you know that your smile needs fixing? Below are the common complaints of individuals with regards to their grins and the solutions for these dental imperfections:

Stained Teeth

Dental discolorations happen over time but the most common reason for why teeth become stained is due to a person’s eating habits. Drinking too much coffee, soda and even the exposure to such fruits as blueberries can stain teeth. Never fret though, dental bleaching procedures can give your teeth a brighter makeover in just under an hour. If that does not do the trick, then porcelain veneers and dental bonding procedures will do the trick.


Also known as diastemas, gaps in between your teeth may have been seen as a beauty mark in the past, these gaps aren’t so much that flattering anymore in the 21st century. Luckily, it’s very easy for you to bridge these gaps with the help of cosmetic procedures in Winnebago IL. The idea is to get rid of the gap by working on the two teeth flanking the gap and causing them to widen. This can be done through porcelain veneers which are pasted on the front surfaces of both teeth or using dental bonding procedures to increase the width of both.

Worn Out Teeth

Grinding of teeth may be common when you are in the thick of your emotions but when it becomes excessive, the condition becomes destructive and can even lead to a condition known as bruxism. The gnashing of your teeth can lead to the dental enamel layer wearing out, causing the inner layers of the tooth including the sensitive nerve tissues to become exposed. This can lead to the development of teeth sensitivity as well as dental infections. To protect teeth which have become worn out, you can ask your dentist about porcelain crowns. Crowns are porcelain-like caps which are placed over the tooth in order to protect the structure of the tooth and keep the inner layers from being infected.

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