Teeth sensitivity is one of those dental anomalies which may not seem all too severe but can definitely affect the quality of your life. This dental condition can make it difficult for you to eat or drink certain items such as those which are too hot or too cold.

What is teeth sensitivity?

Teeth sensitivity is a condition wherein the minute amounts of substances are able to penetrate within the core of the tooth and irritate dental the pulp along with its numerous nerve endings. The irritation happens in a split second and resolves just about as soon as it developed. Because of this, the pain which is felt in teeth sensitivity is often immediate but has a very short duration.

Why does teeth sensitivity develop?

The development of teeth sensitivity has to do with the development of chips and cracks on the enamel layer. While the dental enamel is supposed to be dense and hard, it is still vulnerable to structural problems. When you habitually bite into something which is hard, like ice, or if you suffer from a facial injury, it’s very much possible for the enamel layer to develop microscopic cracks which enable food and beverages to escape into the inner layers of the tooth.

How is teeth sensitivity developed?

Depending on the severity of the dental condition, Dr. Benassi may prescribe different means of treating the condition. Dental Hygiene and Gentle Care in Rockford IL will help you stop having sensitive tooth pain.

Toothpaste. If the teeth sensitivity is still at its mild form, then your dentist may only prescribe you with a special type of toothpaste which numbs the affected tooth so that it isn’t anymore capable of being irritated by substances that make their way inside the tooth. You can also try switching to a toothpaste which is indicated specifically for teeth sensitivity.

Dental Bonding. If the reason for why you have teeth sensitivity is because you have a chipped or heavily cracked tooth, then you can opt for a dental bonding procedure. This dental treatment will involve the adherence of a dental composite material to the surface of your tooth which requires to restoration. Dental bonding is a more affordable manner of treating teeth and reinforcing the enamel structure.

Porcelain Crowns. If your tooth has seen significant wear and tear, then you can do your pearly white a huge favor and opt for porcelain crowns. Porcelain crowns serve to encapsulate the entire tooth structure so that the crown becomes the new enamel layer of the tooth.

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