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Patience may have been a virtue but not in the 21st century. In a time where people want things done right away, dental procedures may not seem that friendly to those who are perpetually in a rush. The reason for this is because dental works which require fabrication often require a couple of days before they can be made and, therefore, be bonded into the tooth of the patient. This calls for multiple dental appointments which are spaced a couple of days in between in each other. If you cannot afford to be patient in that regard, then you just might need CEREC® dentistry in Winnebago IL.

What is CEREC®?

CEREC® is the shortened term for Ceramic Reconstructions, which is exactly what the technology produces — dental works for tooth reconstruction which are made of ceramic material. With the help of CEREC technology, the dentist is able to go forward with indirect dental procedures but in just a fraction of the time that is usually required for porcelain dental works to be fabricated. The reason for why CEREC® technology is able to produce fast restorations is because of its use of CAD/CAM technology which enables the dentist to make designs of the dental restoration inside his or her own dental clinic, as well as mill them within the same location.

How is the procedure done?

The procedure still starts off with the preparation of the tooth through shaving off of the enamel layer. Once this is done, your dentist will then take a picture of the tooth and convert it into a digital one which will serve as a model for the dentist in making blueprints for the dental restoration. The blueprint information can then be sent to a milling device for the final restoration to be fabricated. All of this takes place inside the clinic of your dentist.

How long does it for the entire procedure to be completed?

The main advantage of CEREC® technology is the fact that the restorations can be done in just under an hour for the simplest jobs, hence the term “One Visit Crowns” Moreover, the work will have the same aesthetics as that of your untreated teeth. Your dentist can pick out ceramic blocks with the same shade as your teeth or just dye them to match your teeth. Another advantage of CEREC® technology is that you do not have to go to visit your dentist for a second time since everything will be done during the first appointment.

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