CEREC® dentistry has made it possible for individuals to have their teeth reconstructed in just a matter of minutes. In this day and age wherein having things immediately is not just ideal but necessary, CEREC® dentistry has made it so much easier for beautiful smiles to be constructed and in just a fraction of the time needed for traditional porcelain dental works to be made.

What is CEREC® dentistry?

This new technology makes use of digital imaging in order to make models of dental reconstructions. With traditional porcelain restorations, your dentist will have to make a model of your teeth and then send it to a laboratory for the crown or veneer to be fabricated using the molds as guides. It will take around two to three weeks before the dental work can be finished. But with CEREC® dentistry, your dentist, Dr. Benassi, will only have to take a digital image of your teeth and reconstruct your teeth with the help of the computer. The digital models of the reconstruction are then sent to a milling device, which is attached to the computer and used to fabricate the dental crown or veneer.

What are the advantages of CEREC® dentistry in Winnebago?

The main advantage of CEREC® dentistry is that everything can happen in just one visit to the dentist. With traditional porcelain dental works, you would have to schedule to visits to the dentist — the first one for the creation of the dental impressions and the second one for the actual bonding of the dental work to the tooth.

Another advantage of using CEREC® technology is that you are assured of a better fit. Traditional porcelain dental works are fabricated by laboratory technicians. The technician won’t actually see your teeth but will only make use of your dental mold as a guide. This can be a source of a fit problem. But because CEREC technology puts the power in Dr. Benassi’s hands, hecan design your restorations to fit your teeth properly.

How natural will your CEREC® restorations look?

CEREC® restorations are made with ceramic blocks. Dr. Benassi needs only to pick out a ceramic block which has the same shade of color as the rest of your teeth. If this is not possible, then your dentist may need to dye the dental works before bonding them to your teeth. Ceramic has roughly the same durability as your porcelain crowns and veneers.