In this society wherein people want things to be done in an immediate manner, it can be sometimes difficult to go for a smile makeover especially since most of the time, dental works have to be fabricated in a laboratory by a technician. So if you’re one of the individuals who need to have a quick fix for their smiles, then here are some of the options which could be perfect for you:

Straightening your teeth.

The problem with straightening your teeth is that it can take at least two to three weeks before teeth can start to move. In fact, in order for teeth to be completely aligned, then a person would have to invest around a year at the very least and two or more years at the most. This can be a huge problem for those who need their smiles and pearly whites to be a straight file for an event such as a wedding.

If that is your dilemma, then you have two options. The first one involves the use of veneers, crowns and the dental bonding procedure in general, while the second option is to use snap-on smiles. If your teeth are perfectly aligned and the only problem which you have is that there is a gap in between your teeth, then all you need is to fit veneers or crowns on each of the tooth in order to bridge the gap. On the other hand, a second option is the use of snap-on smiles which involves a plastic-like material that looks like teeth to be snapped in front of the entire set of teeth.

Concealing dental imperfections.

If what you need is to do is to conceal problems with your teeth, whether that be cracks, fractures, or chips, then you also have two options — dental bonding and CERECC® technology. Dental bonding can be done in just one visit to the dentist because there is no need for the fabrication of dental works nor is there any need for shaving of the dental enamel layer. This is because the composite resin material is attached right onto the surface of the tooth and molded right on it.

The second option is the use of CERECC® technology in Winnebago IL. CEREC® technology makes use of digital imaging, enabling dentists to create blueprints of crowns and veneers through the computer. Once the designs are completed, the data is then sent to an attached dental milling device which can fabricate the crowns, inlays and onlays, and veneers right in the dentist’s office for just a couple of minutes.