Working on our new reception desk at Benassi Family Dentistry

This website is somewhat new to us. And blogging is even newer. What have we gotten ourselves into now? Isn’t Facebook enough social media these days? I guess it’s not when you want a website that’s active and not “static”. I’m being told static is not good. We want this website to be insightful into our dental practice explaining services we have to offer, real life patient stories that take advantage of certain services, and everyday news happening in our office.

I started working for Dr. Benassi at the beginning of this year and was originally put in charge of managing the build out of our new location at Crimson Ridge on Perryville Road. But as time passed, I’ve been given a number of new task. I guess I can’t really say these tasks have been given to me. In actuality, they’re tasks that need to get done. Dr. Benassi is too busy being a dentist and the rest of the staff is too busy assisting him. So the everyday management of this dental business is falling on my shoulders. Blogging on this new website is a marketing task that I will take on. Here goes.

Speaking of our new location, we’re planning on being in our new office mid-November. But as all construction projects go, it may be late November. We’ll keep you posted. If you’re making appointments around that time, we’ll make sure to tell you whether to show up at the old Fairview office, or come over to our new Crimson Ridge office. The new office address is 735 North Perryville Road next to Crimson Ridge.

Why we’re moving our Rockford office you ask? Well, it’s for a number of reasons. But the biggest and most important reason is to serve our loyal patients the best we can. With a larger space, we can more conveniently and efficiently schedule patients to take advantage of all the services we have to offer. These are service we’ve been offering for some time now, but the limitations of the Fairview office have made it difficult to optimize our patient flow and quality care.

Speaking of services, did you know Dr. Benassi can make you a new crown with CEREC technology in one office visit? Did you know we can offer teeth straightening with the ease and convenience of Invisalign? Missing a tooth? Dr. Benassi offers 3M Mini Implants that can make those teeth permanent again. Do you suffer from sleep disorders? Being fitted with an oral appliance from Sleep Optima can help you and your loved ones get some desperately needed rest. All of these services are in addition to the everyday dental maintenance we’ve always offered.

Now that I’ve turned this first blog post into an advertisement on some of our services, I’d like to return to the real reason behind it. Basically, it’s a way for me to get used to this new blogging task. I’m excited to be working for Dr. Benassi. I’m excited to learn the dental business and all the technologies Benassi Family Dentistry has to offer. I’m excited that I can take my marketing background and apply it to this dental business. I’m excited about blogging. 

With that said, keep looking for my blogs periodically. We have a lot to talk about. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get Dr. Benassi to blog himself. He recently started Invisalign on himself to better understand the challenges of his Invisalign patients. I think it would be a great idea for him to do a biweekly blog on his Invisalign progress. Go to our Facebook page, Benassi Family Dentistry, and encourage him to share his Invisalign journey. While you’re there, make sure you ‘Like’ our page. That way you’ll always be in the loop of all the up and coming events happening at Benassi Family Dental. Even if we have blocks of time open for appointments, we may post them on Facebook for your impromptu planning convenience.

I, along with our whole staff, thank you for all your interest, loyalty, and support.

Stan Goral, Dr. Benassi’s New Practice Manager