Dental Services at Benassi Family Dentistry’
Rockford & Winnebago, IL

The primary goal of Benassi Family Dentistry is to help you achieve and maintain excellent oral health for a lifetime. This goal is possible with our range of quality dental services and by keeping you well-informed about various dental treatments available to you.

On your first visit, our dentist in Rockford, IL and Winnebago, IL, Dr. Benassi, will conduct a thorough examination of your mouth, teeth, gums and soft tissues to evaluate your dental health. He will also screen for signs of oral cancer. This preliminary work may include x-rays that are needed to accurately determine the condition of your overall oral health. A thorough check-up and examination is absolutely essential to come up with an educated diagnosis.

Once our dentist in Rockford, IL and Winnebago, IL has studied your gums and teeth and reached a diagnosis, we will discuss a treatment plan that personally suits you. If treatment is indicated, we will try to restore optimum dental health in a few well-planned appointments. We recognize the value of your time. We at Benassi Family Dentistry will only recommend treatments that you need.

Benassi Family Dentistry keeps up with the latest technological advancements in dentistry. Here are some of the procedures that make use of state of the art equipment:

CEREC –With this digital system, there is no need for multiple dental visits consisting of temporary crowns, lab time, and multiple adjustments. We use CEREC technology for inlays, onlays, and crowns milled right in house, and in only one dental appointment! Click on the CEREC tab above for more information.

Dental Implants – Whether your goal is to enhance your smile, replace missing teeth or complicated bridge work, or even upgrade your dentures, we have the solutions with the latest technology using Nobel Biocare and 3M Mini Implants. These are quality Dental Implants that can give you natural-looking teeth that can last a lifetime.

Fillings and Composites – We use Sonic Fill by Kerr for all your composite and filling needs. These Fillings and Composites are the most durable available today and are made to match your existing teeth. From placement to polishing, the process takes less than 3 minutes to complete!

We invite you to let Benassi Family Dentistry be your dentist in Rockford or Winnebago, IL. Contact us today and experience excellent dental care and dental services.